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Ujan has been drawing the superhuman and the extraordinary since he first could hold a pencil. The ability of fantasy, in particular, to take the viewer into a world of infinite possibility-a world of the magical, unreal and unknown, has always fascinated him. While loosely based on the depictions of the divine in hindu mythology, the style in these works is completely and inimitably his own.


After a highly successful debut show at the India habitat centre in 2012, Ujan has exhibited at the prestigious China Art Museum in Shanghai as part of the 'Forms Of Devotion' Exhibition in 2015. His work was featured in the show 'The Divine Dieties', Contemporary Takes on Hindu Gods and Goddesses, alongside the works of Raja Ravi Varma, Abhishek Singh, Harshvardhan Kadam and Keshav Venkatraghavan. He is currently working on his second series, 'Animalis'.

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