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Ujan is a self taught illustrator from New Delhi and currently a consulting graphic designer with UNDP India and Teamwork Arts, an arts and entertainment company, based in India. He is the lead designer for the globally renowned Jaipur Literature Festival, and has worked on several branding and production projects for Teamwork Arts, within India and abroad.

His art and illustration work has been exhibited at the Habitat Centre in New Delhi (2012), at the China Art Museum in Shanghai (2015), and in 2016 his work was part of the show 'Divine Deities', where he exhibited alongside Raja Ravi Varma, Abhishek Singh, Harshvardhan Kadam and Keshav Venkatraghavan.

He has worked on several visual communication projects in the last 6 years, which include projects for Per Artem Lumen in Hong Kong, The United Services Institute of India, Google, Penguin, Westland, Zubaan, Ishq FM, Dakshin Foundation, Outlook, Tinder-India The Radio Fesival and the United Nations Foundation.

He is currently working on 'The Zoraver Series', a one-of-its-kind historical fiction graphic novel with Abeer Kapoor, a journalist, board game designer and author of 'The Notorious Jailbreak' (Rupa, 2020).



by Abeer Kapoor & Ujan Dutta

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